• What types of events can I do a tea parties for?

    While we do a massive range of events {and are adding to this list every week!}, but here are examples of the types of events The Marvelous Vintage Tea Party Co has done:


     • Bachelorette parties

     • Bridal showers

     • Baby showers

     • Weddings

     • Engagements parties

     • Birthday parties (Children’s, Sweet 16’s, Bat Mitzvahs, Quinceanera’s, Milestones etc.)

     • Themed Dinner Parties

     • Graduations

     • Rush & Sorority parties

     • Holiday Parties {Halloween, Christmas, etc.}

     • Rehearsal Dinners & Day-after-wedding Brunches

     • Corporate events

     • Happy hours

     • Bridesmaids’ Luncheons

     • Mother/Daughter Teas

     • Sip n’ See’s

     • Real Estate Open Houses

     • Intimate Proposals

  • Can I simply rent items from The Marvelous Vintage Tea Party Co.?

    Yes, but due to the delicate, fragile and irreplaceable nature of our inventory, we hire-out our china on a custom case-by-case basis only. We do offer loads of venue styling options, ranging from simple table-top décor to all-out marvelous mayhem! Please contact us for additional information.

  • How do I book a tea party?

    After you’ve received our menu of services {send us an EMAIL to receive our full menu} and selected the tier and style of tea party you’d like, 25% of the total and a signed contract are required to confirm and hold your date. You can always add on additional available services closer to the event date.

  • What makes our parties more fabulous than a regular catered event?

    What sets The Marvelous Vintage Tea Party Co. apart is that we are not only the caterer, décor & rental provider, florist, bartenders and servers, we are also the entertainment for the event! Our TeaMates arrive in character to play the role of the specially chosen theme for your party! In addition, we transform your venue into a magical, golden era. The atmospheres and environments we create are unlike anything you or your guests have ever experienced!

  • Where can I have a tea party?

    Just about anywhere! The Marvelous Vintage Tea Party Co is completely mobile so we can set-up to wherever you need. From the lawn, or living room of a private residence, to a grand hotel ballroom, to a rustic wood barn, and even a modern office building, we can design an amazing tea party for any type of space!

  • Is this appropriate for a child’s party?

    Of course it is! We will happily tailor the party to whatever occasion your child is celebrating, incorporating his/her style through the menu choices, games, crafting stations, decoration and color palette. We ask that there is at least one parent present for every ten children.  Sophie can incorporate etiquette lessons, and fun games depending on what your special kiddiwink dreams of.

  • I’m hosting a Co-Ed event. Will a tea party be too “girlie” for my guys?

    Absolutely not! We’ve done heaps of fabulous tea parties for both ladies and gents, and even some strictly for the chaps! We’ll be sure to design a theme that isn’t just pinks & pastels as well as pulling the more sophisticated tea cups {shades of golds, blues and greens} so that the fellas can sip their drink of choice out of a more “masculine” cup.   We can concoct custom whiskey infusions, have cigar girls and gentlemen’s lounges…it’s endless.

  • Does TMVTPC provide the liquor, Champagne and booze, or can I?

    We are all TABC certified, so can create, concoct, mix, and pour whatever beverage takes your fancy, however we do not carry a liquor license yet.  But have no fear….You can purchase whatever sip of choice, make sure it’s at the party before we arrive, and we make the magic happen.   We even have Marvelous Mixologists available if you desire more of a bar atmosphere!

  • What is the difference between a low, afternoon, high, or evening tea?

    Low tea, or afternoon tea, became popularized by the Duchess of Bedford in the 19th century. The Duchess complained of a “sinking feeling” in the afternoon between lunch and dinner. Thus she began serving low tea which included lighter servings of cakes and sandwiches. When she started inviting her friends, the idea of the afternoon tea party caught on.


    Afternoon tea was served in the garden where possible; otherwise it was usually taken in a day room, library or salon where around low tables by sofas and chairs. Recently, the option of Champagne instead of tea is offered.


    High tea is used in the sense of well-advanced (like high noon) to signify that it was taken later in the day. In the 1950s, high tea took on new meaning and began to connote elegance. The accepted time for the new high tea is generally at four o'clock. It's usually done as a dressy affair with the use of one’s fine china and linens, and a beautifully decorated table.


    Evening Tea is usually served inside, and is often combined with evening beverages as well as tea. It is a much more formal occasion, where gowns and jewels can glisten in the candlelight. Typically an evening tea would begin around five, or six o'clock.

  • What is The Marvelous Vintage Tea Party Co.?

    MVTPC is Austin’s only vintage-inspired entertainment, décor and party provider, specializing in fantastical experiences centered around food, tea and utter joy! The brain-child of long-time lover of all things vintage, Sophie Parrott, MVTPC marries the decadent and lavish celebration that is a classic English tea with the fun-loving quirkiness of Austin, Texas.

  • Are you a physical location?

    Not yet, but we hope to be one day soon.  We design, entertain, cater, stage, and deliver the entire party to YOU, so you don't have to do a jot....Fabulous, right?  If you love our vision, and want to invest in opening a physical location with us, we'd love to hear form you!

  • I am fabulously talented and need to be part of your team! How do I do this?

    We are always looking for amazingly wonderful people to join us on this amazing ride.  Email Sophie at sophie@marveloustea.com with any fun facts, pictures, videos, what your talent is (Marketing, Singing, Social Media, Strength, Dancing.....etc) and why you'd be a great addition to our TeaMates!

  • What exactly is a TeaTail?

    A TeaTail is an alcoholic 'cocktail' made with tea and other ingredients.   These are usually served in a elegant tea cup, over ice.

  • What am I waiting for?

    I don’t know!!

    We’re all lounging about in our vintage robes, red lippy, big curlers, and garter belts just waiting to slip on our frocks and come do your party for you! Call us now!




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